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"Your challenges are breakthroughs and they are meaningful. Your goal is to find the hidden meaning." - JP



My name is JP, the founder of Om Health and Wealth. I practice as a Hypnotherapist, Plant-Based Holistic Nutrition & GNM Consultant and a Meditation Teacher/Facilitator. I hold a BSc in Forensics and Analytical Chemistry, MSc in Natural Medicine, and completed a Diploma in Germanic New Medicine (GNM) under the guidance of Ilsedora Laker from the GNM Institute. I am continuing my GNM education at the GNM Institute. I have also completed complementary courses in Organic Plant-Based Nutrition and Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Coaching, Meditation Teacher, and Hypnotherapy. 

My Intention

The challenges and obstacles we face in our lives are meaningful, our symptoms are meaningful, my goal is to guide you to do the inner work to decipher the hidden meaning.

My approach is highly effective because it is truly holistic. The mind and the body is one unit, and I treat it as such.
Your symptoms may be physical however there's always an element of the cause rooted in the mind that needs addressing for complete healing. The unconscious needs to be made conscious.

My mission therefore is to introduce and share GNM with you whilst gently reminding you of your body's innate intelligence to heal itself. With an understanding of GNM, you will be free of fear and panic. 

I also hold space and facilitate Hypnotherapy sessions using a number of different approaches to help clients with a wide range of challenges from lack of motivation and confidence, weight loss, anxieties and phobias to addictions. My purpose is to remind you that you are not your body, you are not your mind, you are not your thoughts and you are not your emotions. With this knowledge I lead you to experience yourself as a pure awareness within yourself to break free from your challenges. 

Remember, the challenges you are experiencing is a breakthrough, not a breakdown. 

I assist with nutritional recommendations, support and guidance to incorporate life giving plant-based nutrition into your lifestyle so you can provide your body with the optimum environment to heal and thrive. I help you created a systematic approach for long lasting results and make you see a whole other world and aspect to nutrition which may include intermittent fasting, juicing and detoxification protocols . I also make you understand the importance of the mind-body connection as it relates to the foods. When making any changes in life it is important to start where you are. You are exactly where you need to be in order to take the first step into new and exciting possibilities.

I use mindfulness meditation to take you step-by-step to create an oasis of quiet, stillness and reflection in the midst of daily demands, and also experience a heightened state of awareness where you become the witness of your life experiences (thoughts, emotions), and observe them without judgments or resistance, without getting carried away by them.


My Story

My upbringing was far from easy. My parents loved me in the best way they knew how to, and I whole heartedly forgive them and love them unconditionally for the tough love I experienced.  

My healing and spiritual journey started in 2013 after my mum passed away unexpectedly.  Within 3 months of her passing, I developed a cascade of symptoms; ongoing brain fogs, rashes on the inside of my arms, inexplicable pain in my left shoulder, gut candidiasis, intense headaches/migraines during the night, and fungal infection under my left foot. Conventional medicine did not prove helpful which led me down an alternative path. By turning to Nutritional Therapy, German New Medicine (GNM), Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness Meditation I completely healed all of my conditions. GNM taught me to make the Psycho-Biological connection between the emotional traumas I experienced when my mum passed away with my physical symptoms. GNM answered questions that traditional medicine failed to. 

  • Why did I develop these symptoms in the first place despite living a healthy life?

  • Why were the rashes on the inside of my arms, and not anywhere else? 

  • Why was the fungal infection under my left foot? 

  • Why were the headaches only during the night?

  • Why was the pain in my left shoulder and not my right one?

  • Why was there candida in my gut?

  • Why the brain fog?

A life giving plant-based lifestyle ((packed with enzymes, phytonutrients, fibre, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals), with a juicing and intermittent fasting protocol created the optimum environment for my body to detoxify and heal. I realised that it made no sense for one to eat food void of life force and expect to experience life. 

Hypnotherapy helped me to manage the pain, minimised healing symptoms as my body naturally healed, and gave me confidence to break through. 

Mindfulness Meditation helps me to be the witness of my life, where I rest in a safe, compassionate place with an attitude of, “I am here, come what may,” a way to fully, intimately and kindly engage with my life just as it is.


I currently follow a whole foods plant-based lifestyle, and I use GNM, Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness Meditation not only to help me prevent and resolve conflicts, traumas and heal symptoms, but to improve the quality of my life in general and to thrive. 

In loving awareness, 


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Who discovered German New Medicine?

German New Medicine was discoverred by late Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer. Dr. Hamer was diagnosed with testicular cancer after the death of his 17 year old son in 1979. As a medical doctor who had been healthy all of his life, Dr. Hamer suspected the traumatic loss of his son was the cause of his cancer. He began studying all of his cancer patients and recognised patterns among them. Every patient he interviewed had an unexpected, extremely emotionally distressful conflict, trauma or event that occurred prior to their diagnosis.

Dr. Hamer began to study the master controller of the body: the brain. He uncovered an amazing connection between the psyche, the brain, and the organ. He found that every dis-ease is preceded by an unexpected, intense biological conflict shock which triggers a Significant Biological Program ("dis-ease") that begins in the brain and communicates instructions for functional changes to the correlated organ which serves to aid in survival. His work is elucidated in the Five Biological Laws of The New Medicine. This is an extraordinary new way to view the cause, development, and healing of all dis-ease. 

What is German New Medicine (GNM)?

​GNM is a new consciousness and paradigm in the field of Medicine. It involves using the knowledge of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature and disease in conjunction with a client’s life experiences. On the understanding that 'diseases' are meaningful adaptation triggered by an unanticipated, isolating and shocking event that catches the individual completely off guard, GNM assists in finding the emotional conflict or shock that occurred prior to the diagnosis or the symptoms.  This is the first step to allowing the body to heal naturally. 

How is GNM different from the mind-body healing philosophy?

​The connection between the mind and the body is extremely important because your mind and your perception of the world creates changes in your body. 

The mind–body healing philosophy has been explored for decades, however none have been so accurate in explaining the specific links between the brain, the physical symptoms on the organ level and the emotional cause as the German New Medicine. 

How does it work?​

  • Create awareness:

The first step is to find out about the specific conflict, event or shock that was responsible for the onset of a dis-ease or symptoms that you are suffering from. 

As you gain more insight of the nature of the conflict, you can begin to make the necessary connections to resolve the conflict and start the healing process.

  • Break associations and change your perception of the world:

During an emotional shock, your subconscious mind takes a mental picture of everything you see, hear, taste, smell, and feel to protect you from future similar events. 

Each time you re-encounter a track without any awareness, you reactivate the conflict phase. With GNM you will work with you to identify the tracks to truly resolve the conflicts. 

Once you understand the connection between your mind and your body, you have the ability to change how you see the world around you. 

Who is GNM for?

GNM is for everyone, especially if: 

  • You have been suffering with health challenges and have had no results, regardless having tried every healing modalities.

  • You live a reasonably healthy life, but still get sick, fatigued, and experience recurring symptoms that you cannot heal from. 

  • Suffer from inexplicable pain. 

  • You are not aware of the subconscious thought processes or subconscious triggers that have been running the show of your life, keeping your conflicts alive, and keeping you sick and stuck between the conflict and healing phase.

GNM has the potential to:

  • Overcome emotional distress, worry and fear associated with your health.

  • Restore good health and well being.

  • Relieve the symptoms of a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions. 

  • Relieve chronic pain instantaneously. 

Some examples of conflicts (literally or figuratively) that you may have experienced that are linked to your symptoms: 

  • Self-devaluation conflict - e.g. because of abuse. 

  • Separation conflict - e.g. because of a break up or divorce. 

  • Death-fright conflict - e.g. a scary diagnosis. 

  • Attack conflict - e.g an offending remark.

  • Territorial loss conflict - e.g. an unwanted move.

  • Starvation conflict - e.g. a loss of income.

  • Sexual conflicts - e.g. our partner is cheating on us. 



What is Hypnotherapy?

Your subconscious mind makes up 95% of your mind and drives your life experiences unconsciously. Hypnotherapy gives you the ability to access and explore your subconscious mind to make profound changes and to make the unconscious conscious. This heightened state of awareness is reached using skilled relaxation techniques which allows me to then make powerful transformational suggestions.

As we are all here to have a human experience, it's inevitable that common life experiences would sometimes turn into challenges, pain, or suffering.

I hold a safe space for vulnerable sharing as we explore the real cause of your issues and set backs. I lead you into a profound awareness within yourself where you can connect to your Higher Self to uncover, erase, reprogram and upgrade limiting beliefs and find the root cause of any psychological, mental, physical and spiritual challenges, pattern or behaviour providing complete freedom and healing.

What are the steps involved? 

  • Exploring and understanding your challenges. 

  • Exploring and understanding the role and process that Hypnotherapy plays in your transformation. 

  • Exploring and understanding the role that you play in your transformation.

  • Guidance to turn your awareness inwards within yourself. 

  • General negativity clearing to make way for the primary intervention.

  • Regression.

  • Exploring the subconscious mind to recognise, release and replace limiting beliefs and find the root cause of any psychological, mental, and physical issue, pattern or behaviour providing complete freedom and healing.

  • Areas of specialty are but not limited to Fear, Anxiety, Addictions, Insomnia, Infertility, Libido, Enhancement of Male Sexual Performance, Erectile Dysfunction, Pain, Physical Symptoms, Motivation, Procrastination, Chronic Stress, Confidence, Creativity, Money Blocks, Bad Habits, Phobias, Weight Management, Creating a new positive inner voice, Timeline Enhancement to improve the quality of life, Making peace with loved ones who have passed on (closure) etc..

What tools and techniques are involved?

I use a number of different tools and techniques depending on what your challenges are. 

  • I use direct suggestions, general metaphors, spiritual metaphors, visualisations, a range of hypnotic exercises and in cases of physical and psychological symptoms I use the wisdom of GNM to provide healing.

  • I also teach various meditation techniques to shift your life experiences from unconscious to conscious. Living consciously is key to a fulfilled and abundant life. 

Once you understand the connection between your mind and your body, you will have the ability to change how you see the world around you and this is when profound transformations take place. 

I charge €89 per session and each session goes for about 1 hour. 

Raw food.webp


Adopting a plant-based lifestyle is key towards personal growth, vibrant health, improving performance and conscious living to thrive. 
After an initial assessment of your current diet/lifestyle and nutritional needs, likes and dislikes, we work together and I recommend changes to your diet (plant-based recommendations) using a realistic elimination (of the bad foods) and addition (of life-force giving foods) to produce tangible results.
One must eat more whole foods with all of its life supporting catalysts and less processed foods in order to achieve long lasting results and to maintain homeostasis. I help you create a systematic approach and make you see a whole other world and aspect to nutrition which may include juicing, intermittent fasting and detoxification protocols. I also make you understand the importance of the Mind-Body connection as it relates to the foods. It is a well and truly Holistic approach.

What's involved?

  • Understanding your needs and your goals.

  • Reviewing your current diet and lifestyle as a whole. 

  • Going through the science of a plant-based nutrition and its benefits. 

  • Looking at nutrition from a brand new perspective. 

  • Coming up with a plan for you to transition to a plant-based lifestyle to achieve your goals. 

  • Exploring the benefits of juicing and intermittent fasting and introducing them to your daily or weekly routine if required.

The initial consultation is €89 for 1 hour which is done via zoom or phone/WhatsApp. After our initial consultation we then decide if  subsequent follow ups are required which would only require 30 minutes each at €49. I meet you exactly where you are at on your journey as you are exactly where you need to be to take the first step into new exciting possibilities. The key is not to overwhelm yourself, keep in mind that small actions performed consistently will lead to great achievement eventually. 

Some consultations do not require the full hour and I charge €49 for 30 minutes for the short ones. 

After the initial consultation, I will prepare a detailed report within a 24 hour period which includes: 

- Meal Plan packed with Nutritional Information

- List of foods to eat and to avoid

- Food combining tips

- Detoxification, intermittent fast, juicing and supplementation information

- Tips for cooking and eating out

- Lots of delicious recipes including delicious nutrient-dense juices and smoothies 

- Guidelines for growing your own sprouts at €0 cost on your kitchen sink! 

I also provide mind-body support as they relate to foods and your symptoms. 

"The human body is extremely intelligent and always moving towards homeostasis and health provided it is given the right condition through diet" - Dr. Max Gerson

mudrra with sunsetWebsite.jpg


JP teaches and facilitates mindfulness meditations on a 1-2-1 basis.
This is for you if:
- You have never meditated before and do not know how or where to start.
- You meditate daily or regularly and would like to deepen your practice.

With mindfulness meditation JP has helped his clients to relieve stress and anxiety, create caring relationships, creating meaning in their lives to heal depression and manage other symptoms, and simply to create an oasis of quiet and reflection in the midst of daily demands, and also experience a heightened state of pure awareness where you can observe your mind create your reality; conscious manifestation.

So, what is mindfulness meditation?

A description we like to use is gentle, curious awareness of the present moment.
Meditation is not about stopping thoughts, or about pushing away that which our mind label as "bad", but it's about slowly becoming more present so you can be the witness of your life experiences (thoughts, emotions, feelings) with no judgement, goal, or resistance. It's about identifying with the witness so you do not get carried away by the thoughts and emotions.
In that practice, you will find liberation, you will rest in a safe, compassionate place with an attitude of, “I am here, come what may,” a way to fully, intimately and kindly engage with your life just as it is.

Mindfulness meditation will take you step-by-step through how to notice these habits (that we all have!) and guide you toward a more and more direct and curious connection with all of your life, just as it is.

JP uses techniques such breaths, sounds/music/ mantra, feelings, and silence/stillness.
If you are new to meditation, during the first session, JP will walk you through the concept.
You can join an ongoing meditation program that JP can work out for you, or one-offs sessions.

Either way, you pay as you go along.

I charge €49 per session for 30 minutes. 


What People Say

Jason (Ireland)

I have to say I was sceptical at first about hypnotherapy, but my mind was changed in a very short period.
I couldn't recommend OM health and wealth highly enough.
After a discussion with JP he immediately got to work on the issue at hand and I haven't looked back since.
Thanks for all your help JP 🙏

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